Monday, April 4, 2011

About Aruban Artist : Edmond Tujeehut

Edmond Tujeehut // 23-01-1954

Edmond Tom Tujeehut was born 23th of January 1954 in Aruba. As a small lad he already was into art. His love for art was visible at a young age. His big passions were dancing and drawing. After finishing secondary school, his love for drawing opened the opportunity to get a job in the art-room of Aruba Sign N.V. There a colleague and now a dear friend also an artist, Frank Croes, noticed his talents and advised him to inscribe at one of Holland’s best academies of art located in Tilburg.
In 1978 he was accepted at the “Akademie voor Beeldendevorming” in Tilburg. Soon his talents were visible in his paintings and sculptures. From that moment he knew he didn’t want to become anything else but an artist. Teachers at the academy inspired and encouraged him to combine the European style, teached at the academy with his afro/Caribbean roots.
In 1983 Edmond Tujeehut finished his studies. Today as a certified teacher and artist, the combination of a European education and his roots are strongly visible in his work. Edmond Tujeehut is an artist that dominates all techniques, which enables him to work different styles.
Edmond’s mood and the theme influence the result of his work. Working with the brush and/or pallet-knife are his favored tools to apply the bright colors he loves when painting and driftwood, sea-stones and found materials inspires him when working 3D. Edmond has since his arriving on Aruba numerous expositions on the island and on the other ABC islands. He is also invited regular to give workshop on CuraƧao and Bonaire.


His work for this expo with the theme: ROSEA NOBO, is inspired by the different crisis our world is daily confronted with, such as: political, social, human and natural crisis. That is what made him decide to make black and white paintings and use natural materials such as driftwood, sea stones and found materials create his 3D work, to illustrate his views of what he calls “Art in times of Crisis”.
The works he participates with are two paintings and four sculptures.

Aruba, March, 2011

Descriptions of the artwork of Edmond Tujeehut
Earth Crack // Consist of two pieces // Material: Acryl on canvas // Size: 80cm x 65cm

Earth Crack // The painting is an impression of an earth crack that runs true both pieces from beginning to end to create the feeling that you have reached a borderline of misery. The reason to start direct from the beginning is to indicate that it is something you do not expect and that it suddenly happens and to leave with no ending is to leave the question what is happening afterwards. The darkness behind the crack indicates the sad situation it brings with it. The reason that the artist made it two pieces is to indicate that it not happens only once but that it can repeat.

Silent Witnesses // Material: Acryl on canvas // Size: 80cm x 65cm

Silent Witnesses // Most of the times in a crisis of an earthquake we no what human beings went thru, because they could tell their experiences and that’s why we see them as victims and all the focus go to them. No one thinks of the collapsed building and materials because we accept that they don’t have feelings, just because they can not speak and therefore not being recognized as victims by us, and get no attention. This inspired the artist to make this painting to let us know that collapsed buildings and materials are victims too, but only silent ones.

The Beggar // Material: Sea Stone

The Beggar // Beggars are victims of an economic crisis and are known all around the world. Little attention is given to these people because they consider them worthless, and nobody sees them as failing of the government of the country or a victim of a crisis. That is why the artist thought it was in its place to bring them to our attention and to choose sea stone that is seen as a worthless material just like the beggar for those who are not familiar with them. But for those who know and handled with them, know how precious they are.

Fountain of Life // Material: Sea Stone > Brass > Driftwood

Fountain of Life // Water that is a creation of God is one of the big crisis in the world especially if you don’t have it to drink. It is given by nature but nowadays if you can pay for it you don’t have it. We can ask our self if the luxury of having running water is a fountain of life.

Man - I - Pulaited // Material: Cement > Driftwood > Steel > Electric wires

Man - I - Pulaited // In time of crisis the situation makes weak people easy to manipulate. Most of the times these people are being used to go against there one people. They are persons without a backbone, not complete and with out a mind of there own. It is like they are directed as a computer. That’s why the artist wanted to give an impression how he sees one who is manipulated and created: Man - I - Pulated.

Harp of Misery // Material: Driftwood > Plastic > Brass

Harp of Misery // Just like in the painting Silent Witnesses the artist wanted to give these materials that went through so many chances if it would be possible to create them in a form that they could express there self that maybe one day they will do that. So if the day comes that it would happen it will be in a song and he is sure it will be a sad song. Therefor he titled his piece Harp of Misery.

Puppy in pain // Material: Sea Stone > Driftwood > Brass

Puppy in pain // In time of crisis because of the situation animals that we love get lost, or get neglected. We as humans have each other to help one another, but the animals depend on their owners and therefore suffer unnecessary. As an animal lover it hurts to see the animals go true pain because of neglect ion. That made the artist created “Puppy in Pain” to get peoples attention to this problem.